We make your ideas real.

Design, prototyping and delivering final electronic products in small and middle series.

We provide full stack of services in the area of designing, prototyping and manufacturing custom electronic and electromechanical devices and machines with emphasis on wireless network connectivity.

Depending on your needs we can deliver complex systems integrating developed devices with web and mobile application solutions.


On top of development services we offer manufacturing of small and middle-sized series of developed devices.

Long-term product support and continuous quality testing will help you to focus on developing your business.

Products may be delivered pre-configured based on client’s requirements to allow simplified plug-and-play installation.

DM Technologies offers standalone telemetry and remote control system based on LoRa technology which works independently on LPWAN network infrastructure. The solution may be extended by deployment of cloud-based IoT backend. It is suitable for independent deployments in the area of facility management, industrial automation and monitoring, etc.

The products can be fully customized to your current needs by implementation of different sensors or interfaces for control and on-site communication with 3rd party technology.

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