Development of custom electronic devices based on functional requirements

  • e.g. control boards, sensors, wearable devices
  • solution architecture design
  • prototyping and fine-tuning of electronic circuit design
  • custom PCB (printed circuit board) design
  • prototype assembly
  • delivery of small and middle-sized series of products
  • CE certification

Software development

  • we prefer solutions built on top of MicroPython platform (Python 3 baremetal interpreter/runtime) because of accelerated development time and code portability
  • control algorithms, state machines
  • peripheral drivers for I2C, SPI, UART, etc. interfaces (sensor components, motor drivers, OLED/e-paper displays, etc.)
  • IP communications (HTTPS, MQTT over TLS, proprietary TCP protocols)
  • LPWAN a Bluetooth communication
  • IoT dashboards and web-based administration interfaces, turnkey IoT solutions

3D modeling and 3D printing

  • parametric 3D models designed in OpenSCAD
  • design of 3D-printable housings
  • mechanical construction parts and mounts
  • FDM 3D printer Sindoh DP200 available in-house
  • SLA/SLS 3D printing with help of external partner

Development of electro-mechanical devices and machines

  • stepper motor & servo motor control
  • mechanical construction based on aluminum profiles (e.g. Bosch Rexroth)
  • linear guides, ball screws
  • optical gates, distance sensors
  • galvanometer-based laser positioning